The Raiz Cafés

It all started in 1830, when my great grandparents came from France and Portugal, to the Southwest of Brazil, more specifically to Minas Gerais.

Minais Gerais is defined by a very rugged topography, which is why where some of the highest peaks in Brazil are located. If the colonization of the territory of Minas Gerais had emphasized by the demand for Gold, it was because of it's scarcity of the most desired metal, that a new cycle began, that of coffee. Coffee brought to Minas a huge national projection, currently responsible for the third largest GDP in Brazil!

From generation to generation up until today, coffee is deeply-rooted in our family and our crops are spread over more than 20 000 hectares, in the mountains between 900 and 1500 meters in altitude.

Among the huge array of coffee species, the ones we cultivate mosttly range from Catuaí Amarelo and Vermelho, to Mundo Novo, and also Bourbon Amarelo, Catucaí and Topázio.

In 2015 my husband Fábio and I started a project with the objective of exporting our very own crops, starting the search for buyers for our Noble and fresh coffees and sending them anywhere in the world, at any time of the year .

Thus General Coffees Imp was born. Exp. Com. De Cafés Lda!

Our company's DNA is based on full commitment to promote the highest quality coffees we produce, while trying to promote the smaller local producers of our region, adding value to the entire production chain, always respecting nature and the planet.

In 2016, as part of the Portugal 2020 program, Raíz Speciality Coffees was born, where in our industrial unit located in the Central Region of Portugal, we roast, pack and distribute the coffee that has been planted and harvested by our family, delivering them to every part of the World!

Noble, incredible coffees, with unique characteristics, unforgettable and addictive aromas.

This fulfills a dream of selling our family's heritage, with a beautiful and value-laden history.

Direct, fair trade and with guaranteed quality products!

Our history
in 1830

European immigrants
from Portugal & France

dutra family

South of Minas Gerais


coffee plantation

25 thousand

tons year (average)



in 2015

Coffee treatment
center (Standardization)

Select the coffee

in 2016

Founded Raiz Cafés



4 continents

To be the largest exporter of specialty coffees in Europe (roasted or green)
To be recognized for the quality and standardization of our coffees.


Build a sustainable and good business model for all, unite, standardize and guarantee quality up to our end customer. Deliver our product anywhere in the world.


We are passionate about everything we do.
We are firmly dedicated to maintaining our quality under any circumstance. To always remember that together we are stronger. United by a single goal. Respect the PPP Product Process and People.

Make it happen.

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Raiz Cafés

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Its importance  in coffee production


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